Always Learning. Always Teaching.

We are constantly monitoring client feedback and industry trends to ensure we are providing the most sought after services to our customers using the best practices available. That means staying on top of trade publications and both local and national news, and actively participating in organizations with other leaders in the industry.

And conversely, whenever we learn of something that may be relevant to our customers or make improvements to our services, we immediately pass on that information so everyone is in the loop.

Railcar 101

We also conduct Railcar 101 workshops to help those new to the industry or to railcar repair get oriented to the fundamentals. This is a great way to familiarize yourself or your staff to the equipment, tools and procedures involved in maintaining a healthy fleet. Click here to receive information on upcoming workshops or to host an event in your area.

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Who should attend?

This workshop is geared towards folks who are newer to the railroad industry and to individuals who have not been to a working railcar repair facility. This would include any customer service representatives, sales professionals, fleet managers, etc.. who would like an opportunity to see different car types and repair protocols. We are happy to take you from concept to real-life application.